CUVIA Labs specializes in helping its clients define the architecture of new blockchains and the operation of new tokens used within these blockchains.  Economic modeling of the system or application is an integral part of this process. Below are some of the critical factors we consider:

  • Definition of economic incentives to be provided to participants and stakeholders
  • Overall token model – token as a Utility, Currency, Asset, or Value Store or some combination of these
  • Token creation and minting plan. Supply and inflation of tokens (“Monetary Policy”)
  • Token allocation and spending (“Fiscal Policy”)
  • Division of token rewards provided to miners, validators, operating entities, and resource suppliers
  • Projection of transaction types and overall volume and how these will impact the behavior and benefits generated for the participants
  • Analysis to anticipate required transaction capacity and scaling challenges
  • Impact of speculative demand and token usage demand
  • ICO Planning
  • Token offering business planning: community building, marketing and promotion, issuance management, code audit and other activities required for successful offerings

CUVIA’s modeling tools and expertise can help accelerate the creation and implementation of new decentralized products and services.