Highlights & Key Takeaways from Consensus 2017

Consensus 2017 was an exciting event full of significant developments.

Among the most interesting were the presentation by Abbie Johnson the CEO of Fidelity. Ms. Johnson revealed that Fidelity plans to provide its accountholders with access to information on the balances of their Coinbase accounts from within their Fidelity statements. This a significant step towards the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency ownership within the broader investment world.

The accelerating pace, scale, and variety of initial coin offerings (ICOs) was of course another topic of fervent interest. One of the more enlighting panels discussed legal issues surrounding ICOs. This is currently an area of great interest, particularly aournd the question of what constitutes a securiy versus a non-security (or “Utility”) token. Videos for this session and other at Consensus can be viewed at this link:¬†https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2017/video/day1/




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